Our Why

Why do teens need to know about it?

I/O Psychology has 25 specialization areas and skillsets, which are infused in all areas of life. Teenagers need these skills as they become young adults and enter the workforce whether they attend college, become an entrepreneur, or go straight to work, regardless of their life path I/O Psychology has skillsets they can learn from and implement.

In a Nutshell:

I/O Psychology is the study of human behavior at work; why “we” do the things we do in the workplace.

What is I/O Psychology?

The definition by Society of Industrial Organizational Psychologists (SIOP)as stated on their website “Industrial-Organizational (I-O) psychology is the scientific study of the workplace. The knowledge base and scientific methods of psychology are applied to issues of critical relevance to business, including talent management, coaching, assessment, selection, training, organizational development, motivation, leadership, and performance.

Information regarding, I-O psychology is organized in the framework of the “employment lifecycle.” The information in each of the sections was developed to help you better understand how I-O psychology can benefit organizations in each phase of the employment lifecycle. Click either one of the links below or on the corresponding section of the lifecycle diagram to learn more about how I-O psychology is being applied to that aspect of the employment lifecycle”.

Source: https://www.siop.org/Professionals

Our founder and president Dr. Marla J. Albertie, PhD, has a passion for learning and development. One day as she was driving down the road a thought came to her about how do teenagers find out about this awesome field she is getting her PhD in, I/O Psychology. She wrote the notes in her phone, went home, and did some research. As she discovered, there was no program out there she could find that introduces I/O Psychology to teenagers as a career field. Thus I/O for Teens Inc. was born.

Dr. Marla and her founding board members created and continue to create strong curricula and products to help teenagers develop the transferable skills they need to be successful in the field of I/O Psychology and life.

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We will help all teenagers across the world discover I/O psychology.

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